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Expert AI SEO Analyst for Your YouTube Channel
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Taja AI Features

Taja AI - The AI platform for effortless YouTube optimization. Taja empowers YouTubers with cutting-edge features like Instant Title Creation, Auto Chapters, and more to save you time and enhance your content's reach.

How Taja Saves Time:

  • Perfect Titles - Ranked & In Your Voice: In seconds, Taja generates titles that resonate with your style and maximize your content's reach through the YouTube algorithm.
  • Auto Chapters - Save Hours: Automatically segment your videos into chapters, keeping viewers engaged and giving you more time to create.
  • Live Preview - Perfect Before Publish: Visualize your video's appearance on YouTube, fine-tuning titles and thumbnails for maximum impact before hitting publish.

How Taja Works:

  • Link Your YouTube Channel: Taja analyzes your audience and past performance to optimize future videos. It offers:
    • Deep Audience Understanding
    • Tailored Content Analysis
    • Channel-Optimized Content
    • Support for Unlimited Channels
  • Add Only Your Video Link: Taja understands your video without additional information and generates authentic metadata by transcribing it. Features:
    • Transcription In Seconds
    • No Background Info Needed
    • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Craft YouTube Titles - Instantly: Taja crafts engaging titles aligned with YouTube's algorithm, saving you hours of work, handling SEO research, and providing Viral Score & View Prediction. With Live Preview, you can see how your titles will appear on YouTube.
  • Smart Descriptions & Chapters: Taja offers on-brand, SEO-optimized descriptions, and perfectly timed chapters. You can visualize and adjust descriptions and chapters as needed.
  • Precision-Optimized YouTube Tags: Enjoy automatic tag generation with long-tail keyword magic tailored for your audience and content niche, all optimized for the YouTube algorithm. Focus on your niche and connect with your audience efficiently.


  • 43 Minutes Saved per Video
  • 53+ Million Views Generated
  • 87% More Organic Reach

Elevate your YouTube content and save time with Taja AI - your YouTube optimization companion.

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