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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Seeqle Features

Seeqle is an advanced AI-powered recruitment and training tool that caters to the needs of companies, training organizations, staffing platforms, and agencies. The platform utilizes its vast database of over 30,000 HR targeting data points to effectively target both active and passive candidates across a wide range of online platforms, including apps, websites, and social networks.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Candidate Targeting: Seeqle leverages its extensive HR targeting data points to effectively reach both active and passive candidates on various online platforms.
  • Job Posting Template Generator: The AI-powered template generator creates personalized and attractive job offers tailored to different positions and levels of experience.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Reach: Seeqle promotes job and training opportunities to potential candidates during their daily online activities, maximizing visibility and reach.
  • Optimization Tools: Seeqle offers personalized audience analysis to help organizations optimize their HR marketing campaigns and understand the cost and expected results.
  • Scheduling and Demo: Users can schedule demos to explore the full capabilities of Seeqle's platform and discuss their specific recruitment needs.
  • Additional Resources: Seeqle provides resources such as customer cases, white papers, models, and webinars to support users in their recruitment and training efforts.

Use Cases:

  • Companies and Organizations: Seeqle is ideal for companies and organizations looking to optimize their recruitment processes, improve candidate sourcing, and enhance visibility for job and training opportunities.
  • Training Organizations: Training organizations can utilize Seeqle to effectively reach and target potential candidates for their training programs.
  • Staffing Platforms and Agencies: Seeqle's advanced AI capabilities support staffing platforms and agencies in efficiently connecting candidates with job opportunities.

Seeqle empowers companies, training organizations, staffing platforms, and agencies with its AI-powered recruitment and training solutions.

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