QoQo is an AI-powered UX design tool that generates cards for building personas, identifying user goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, tasks, and design challenges.
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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QoQo Features

QoQo is an innovative AI tool designed to assist UX designers in gaining a comprehensive understanding of user needs and goals during the early stages of the design process. As a Figma plugin powered by OpenAI, QoQo provides a broad and organized picture to help designers create impactful user experiences.

Key Features:

  1. Persona Generation: QoQo generates cards for building personas with user goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, and tasks.
  2. Design Challenge Identification: The tool helps identify key elements and challenges for the design brief.
  3. Figma Integration: QoQo is accessible as a Figma plugin, seamlessly integrating into designers' workflow.
  4. De-biasing Models: QoQo integrates de-biasing models to significantly reduce bias in AI-generated results.
  5. Data Privacy: Only user-provided prompts are sent to the AI model, with no retention or use of data for training.

Use Cases:

  • Persona Development: Generate detailed personas to gain insights into user goals, needs, and motivations.
  • Design Brief Refinement: Identify key elements and challenges for the design brief to focus design efforts effectively.
  • UX Design Process: Support designers in staying organized, curious, and efficient throughout the UX design process.

QoQo is an invaluable AI tool for UX designers, providing organized and insightful persona cards and aiding in design brief refinement.

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