Lazyeyefix Photo Editor

Automatically detect and correct misaligned eyes, providing users with an easy and cost-free solution.
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Lazyeyefix Photo Editor Features

Lazyeyefix Photo Editor is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that addresses the common concern of misaligned eyes in photos, particularly for individuals with strabismus, also known as lazy eye. Developed by individuals with first-hand experience of the condition, the tool offers a fast and user-friendly way to correct misaligned eyes in images.

Key Features:

  1. AI Eye Detection: The tool employs advanced AI technology to automatically detect faces and locate eyes in photos, ensuring accurate identification of misaligned eyes.
  2. Misalignment Identification: By analyzing the percentage of sclera (white part of the eye), the tool identifies the misaligned eye for correction.
  3. Eye Cloning Technique: Once the misaligned eye is identified, the tool uses eye cloning to duplicate the healthy eye, flip it horizontally, and place it over the misaligned eye, effectively correcting the misalignment.
  4. Optimal Alignment: For best results, the person in the image should be looking directly at the camera during the photo capture process.
  5. User-Focused Development: Developed by individuals with firsthand experience of strabismus, the tool addresses the specific needs and concerns of individuals with lazy eye.
  6. Ease of Use: Lazyeyefix Photo Editor offers a user-friendly interface that requires no editing skills. Users can effortlessly edit their photos to correct misaligned eyes.

User Benefits:

  • Effortless Correction: Users can easily correct misaligned eyes in their photos without the need for complex editing skills.
  • Cost-Free Solution: The tool offers a cost-free alternative to professional photo editing services.
  • Specifically Designed for Strabismus: The tool's development by individuals with strabismus ensures that it understands the unique needs of individuals with lazy eye.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Users can improve the appearance of misaligned eyes in images, boosting their confidence in photos.


Lazyeyefix Photo Editor is an AI-powered tool that addresses the concern of misaligned eyes in photos, particularly for individuals with strabismus. By utilizing advanced AI technology and the eye cloning technique, the tool enables users to effortlessly correct misaligned eyes in their images. With its user-friendly interface and focus on the needs of individuals with lazy eye, Lazyeyefix Photo Editor offers a convenient and cost-free solution for enhancing the appearance of photos.

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