Getactyv is an AI and computer vision assisted health and fitness platform that offers personalized programs to help users reach their goals
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Getactyv Features

Getactyv is a revolutionary health and fitness platform that combines AI and computer vision technologies to offer personalized programs and guidance to users on their fitness journey. The platform aims to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone, without the need for additional sensors, consoles, or wearables.

Key Features:

  1. AI and Computer Vision Assisted: Utilize AI and computer vision technologies to provide real-time voice commands and form correction.
  2. Personalized Programs: Create customized fitness programs based on users' fitness levels, goals, and preferences.
  3. Performance Analytics: Track progress, set milestones, and receive personalized performance analytics.
  4. Movement-led Gaming: Engage in interactive and gamified workouts to make fitness more enjoyable.
  5. Physical Therapy Workouts: Offer targeted exercises and routines for injury recovery and improved mobility.
  6. Flexibility and Convenience: Access the platform anytime, anywhere with a smart device and an internet connection.
  7. Free 30-Day Trial: Provide users with a free trial period to experience the benefits of Getactyv.

Use Cases:

  • General Fitness: Users can engage in personalized workouts, receive guidance on form and technique, and track their progress towards their fitness goals.
  • Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation: Individuals undergoing physical therapy can benefit from targeted exercises and routines tailored to their specific needs.
  • Motivation and Gamification: Movement-led gaming and interactive workouts keep users engaged and motivated to achieve higher fitness levels.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Getactyv allows users to work out anytime and anywhere, making fitness accessible for all.

Getactyv revolutionizes the way users approach health and fitness, providing personalized guidance, interactive experiences, and comprehensive analytics.

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