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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Equals Features

Equals AI Assist is the innovative spreadsheet AI assistant you've been waiting for. It empowers users to effortlessly generate formulas, write SQL queries, summarize data, and execute various tasks within a fully featured spreadsheet platform. Here's what makes Equals AI Assist your ultimate spreadsheet solution:

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Collaboration: Work together seamlessly. View and edit spreadsheets with teammates simultaneously.
  2. Over 100 Formulas: Enjoy an extensive library of formulas for quick and familiar data modeling.
  3. Professional-Grade Charting: Create captivating data visualizations to convey insights effectively.
  4. Data Connectors: Automate tasks with connections to 10+ data sources, simplifying data retrieval.
  5. Calculated Columns: Automatically extend formulas when refreshing models, saving time.
  6. Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts: Boost efficiency with shortcuts for navigation and editing.
  7. SQL Editor: Write SQL queries directly within your spreadsheet, even if you're not an SQL expert.
  8. Version History: Maintain reproducibility and track changes effortlessly.
  9. Scheduled Queries: Automate updates by scheduling queries for regular, timely data refreshes.
  10. Query Library: Store and reuse crucial queries.
  11. Dashboard Building: Design interactive dashboards within a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Use Cases:

  • Data Analysis: Simplify complex data analysis with AI assistance.
  • Collaborative Work: Enhance productivity with real-time collaboration.
  • Automated Data Retrieval: Connect to various data sources for seamless updates.
  • SQL Querying: Write and run SQL queries without leaving your spreadsheet.
  • Visual Data Representation: Craft captivating charts to visualize data insights.

Why Choose Equals AI Assist:
Equals AI Assist redefines the spreadsheet experience, offering advanced AI assistance, integration capabilities, and unique features such as version history and automated query scheduling. It's the ultimate solution for streamlined data analysis, improved productivity, and collaborative teamwork.

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