Comprehensive AI recruiting and talent management solutions in the market.
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Eightfold Features

Eightfold AI is an AI-based platform that provides comprehensive recruiting and talent management solutions. The platform is powered by global talent data sets, enabling businesses to realize the full potential of their workforce.


  • Talent Intelligence Platform: This platform, powered by deep-learning AI, provides insights for finding and developing talent. It offers a skills-driven approach backed by unparalleled talent insights.
  • Talent Acquisition: Eightfold AI's platform goes beyond reviewing résumés and helps find great new talent anytime. It surfaces the skills businesses need and builds their workforce.
  • Talent Management: The platform provides data-driven insights to develop meaningful and rewarding career paths. It matches employees with the right internal jobs and offers learning and development opportunities.
  • Talent Flex: This feature helps businesses build a stronger network of contingent workers with the skills they need.
  • Workforce Exchange: This connects job seekers, career supporters, and employers through public and private sector-sponsored workforce exchanges.

Use Cases:

  • Eightfold AI has been used by companies like Vodafone, Dexcom, and Dolby to uncover their talent database, making it easier for them to source and serve them with opportunities.
  • Chevron used Eightfold AI to tap into new talent by drilling into its HR data.
  • Bayer used Eightfold AI to deliver its technology ambitions from a talent perspective at scale.

Eightfold AI is designed for various sectors, including enterprise, public sector, DE&I, and governance. It also includes an app marketplace. The company emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI and compliance, security, and accessibility.

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