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Transforms ordinary photos into extraordinary visual stories using the power of AI.
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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EditApp AI Features

Welcome to EditApp AI, where your photos take on a life of their own. This user-friendly photo editing app simplifies the process of transforming ordinary images into extraordinary stories. Let's explore the magic that EditApp AI can bring to your photos.

Key Features:

  • Select - Introduce the Unexpected: Make every photo an adventure by adding unexpected elements. Whether it's a UFO in your backyard, a playful puppy by your side, or a selfie with your favorite influencer, your photos will tell captivating stories.
  • Paint - Personalize Your Look: Get creative with your appearance. Paint your casual tee into a flowing dress, transform into a dashing tuxedo, experiment with new hairstyles, or see how a beard suits you. Your look is in your hands.
  • Background Swap - Change Your Scenery: Travel through your photos with a snap. Enjoy breakfast on the Moon, take a selfie atop the Pyramids of Giza, or immerse yourself in your favorite video game. Your backdrops are limited only by your imagination.
  • Showcase Your Vision: Once your masterpiece is ready, share it with friends and family to witness their reactions. Your transformed photos are sure to spark conversations and amazement.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance Travel Photos with Unexpected Elements: Add imaginative elements like UFOs or playful animals to travel photos.
  • Virtual Wardrobe Try-On: Experiment with different outfits and styles by painting your clothing in photos.
  • Travel the World Virtually: Swap backgrounds to transport yourself to iconic destinations or fantasy realms.
  • Spark Conversations with Creative Photos: Share your transformed photos to amaze and engage friends and family.


EditApp AI is the go-to photo editing app for turning your imagination into reality. With the ability to introduce unexpected elements, personalize your look, swap backgrounds, and share your creations, EditApp AI transforms ordinary photos into extraordinary stories. Get ready to embark on a creative journey where every image becomes a captivating tale.

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