GPT Copilot by Coefficient is a set of AI tools that integrate with Google Sheets to help users connect and analyze their data faster and more efficiently.
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Updated: December 20, 2023
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Coefficient Features

Coefficient AI is a platform that allows users to pull live data from various business systems and perform data analysis using text instructions. With GPT Copilot, users can chat with GPT directly from their spreadsheets, generate formulas and charts, and unlock valuable insights.

Key Features:

  1. Live Data Integration: Pull real-time data from various business systems.
  2. GPT Copilot Integration: Chat with GPT from spreadsheets, generate formulas, and create charts.
  3. Auto-Generated Formulas and Charts: Simplify data analysis with powerful, automatically generated formulas and charts.
  4. Insightful Chart Generation: Analyze tables and generate beautiful charts that highlight valuable trends.
  5. Flexible Use Cases: Unlock GPT use cases across industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, and social media analytics.
  6. Comprehensive Data Analysis: Combine historical and real-time data to build reports and dashboards effortlessly.
  7. Waitlist for Early Access: Join the waitlist to get early access to Coefficient AI's AI tools.

Use Cases:

  • Pull live data from business systems for real-time analysis.
  • Chat with GPT and generate formulas and charts directly from spreadsheets.
  • Analyze tables and generate insightful charts to identify trends.
  • Utilize GPT to extract valuable insights from industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, and social media analytics.
  • Build comprehensive reports and dashboards by combining historical and real-time data.

Coefficient AI offers a powerful platform that seamlessly integrates live data from various business systems and enhances data analysis using GPT Copilot.

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